The above graphic features a famous quote from John Adams regarding the right—and duty—of jury nullification in accordance with a juror’s best judgment and conscience. But where does it come from?

At a FIJA supporter’s request, I tracked it down and now the source material has found a home on the FIJA website here:

From the Diary of John Adams on the Right of Juries, 12 February 1771

And what moved Adams to pen some notes on this subject in his diary in 1771? According to the Massachusetts Historical Society, these note have:

…every appearance of having been written for a newspaper, but no printing has been found. Samuel M. Quincy, the editor of Josiah Quincy Jr.’s Reports, plausibly suggested that at least some passages in it were originally “part of [JA’s] preparation for the argument” in the case of Wright and Gill v. Mein, which had come before the Suffolk Inferior Court, Jan. 1771, and was appealed to the next sitting of the Superior Court (Quincy, Reports, Appendix II, p. 566–567).