Just this morning we got the good news that FIJA will participate on a panel on juries and jury nullification at the upcoming Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) conference!

Entitled “Juries and Jury Nullification in Law and Practice,” this panel chaired by FIJA Advisory Board member Dr. Roger Roots features a dream line up for jury rights advocates!

Six of One, Three Quarters of a Dozen of the Other: Jury Size, Jury Unanimity, and the Justice of Criminal Verdicts
presented by Kirsten Tynan, Fully Informed Jury Association

The Colorado Method of Jury Selection in a Capital Case
presented by David Lane, Killmer, Lane & Newman

How Jury Nullification Is Typically Misunderstood by Lawyers and Judges
presented by Paul Grant, Attorney at Law

The Government Crackdown on Fully Informed Juries
presented by Roger Roots, Lysander Spooner University

Long-time friends of FIJA may recognize Paul Grant (also a FIJA Advisory Board member) as the attorney for Laura Kriho who was prosecuted in retaliation for being a fully informed juror. And if you’ve been following FIJA news this year, you may recognize David Lane as the attorney representing two juror rights educators in Denver falsely charged with jury tampering for handing out FIJA literature. He also filed an injunction on our behalf to stop further such arrests by Denver police.

As part of our educational mission, we plan to record and make available for free online any of the talks on this panel that we are permitted to record and share.

To further elevate and promote accurate understanding of jurors’ rights in professional legal discourse, and to help restore them in practice, we would also like to host an exhibitor booth at this conference.

Our goals for the booth are both to educate conference attendees on key juror rights issues and to recruit professionals to join a network of attorneys available to assist FIJA pro bono in battling back against government agents who bully and intimidate juror rights educators with threats of false arrests for so-called “jury tampering” for handing out FIJA literature at courthouses. This is becoming increasingly necessary as judges, prosecutors, and police use these tactics to ensure jurors remain ignorant of their rights and responsibilities.

All of this comes with a price tag. We’ll need to cover some registration fees, travel expenses, materials and supplies for our booth, and the booth fee. For many years now, FIJA has subsisted on an annual budget far less than a typical attorney’s salary to cover all of our programs, events, and educational offerings nationwide and online.

Your donation is critical to leveraging opportunities such as this one to maximize our effectiveness in creating more fully informed jurors who are empowered to consult their consciences and deliver just verdicts.


We are most grateful for every dollar you can spare!

For Liberty, Justice, and Peace in Our Lifetimes,

Kirsten C. Tynan
Fully Informed Jury Association