We have mixed news this morning from the Mecosta County Courthouse, where Keith Wood was illegally arrested and falsely charged in November with one false felony count of obstruction of justice and one false misdemeanor count of jury tampering for sharing FIJA’s Your Jury Rights: True or False? brochure.

This morning the court held a motions hearing regarding throwing out the two charges and also reducing the punitively high bond required of Keith to get out of jail. News from the court is that the results are mixed:

1. The felony charge has been dropped, but the misdemeanor charge is still in play and will go forward to the pre-trial hearing.
Felony charge dropped for man after passing out jury rights fliers (FOX 17)
Former pastor’s felony charge dropped, jury tampering claim remains (MLive)
Felony dropped for fliers in front of courthouse case (WOOD 8 TV)
Felony charge dropped in case over jury nullification pamphlets (ABA Journal)

2. Wood’s brother-in-law also reports that his wife alerted him from the courthouse that the $15,000 Keith paid on his bond has been restored.

Since Keith had to put this amount on his credit card to get out of jail before Thanksgiving, he has already lost money on the credit card interest, as well as having to fund the ongoing expense of his legal defense. A GoFundMe fundraiser is in progress to help with his expenses. Donations to this GoFundMe do not go to FIJA, and we do not provide a tax receipt to you.