Call to All Colorado Juror Rights Educators

If your jury nullification outreach efforts are being chilled in Denver by fear of arrest, you can sign on as plaintiff to an injunction against Denver PD.

If you have been considering doing juror rights outreach in Denver, Colorado but your willingness to exercise your First Amendment-protected right to do so has been chilled due to the threat of arrest, especially in light of the recent arrests of Mark Iannicelli and Eric Brandt, we would like to hear from you ASAP ( or 406-442-7800)!

An injunction is being filed on Monday barring the Denver Police Department from arresting people for passing out jury nullification literature in the plaza area of the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse, and there is a short window during which such people can sign on as plaintiffs to the injunction. This would not cost them anything. We just want plaintiffs who actually want to pass out literature in front of the courthouse.

As Jury Rights Day is coming up on September 5, this would be a great time to plan a Jury Rights Day event, and get one of FIJA’s free event kits for it! We celebrate Jury Rights Day on September 5 each year in commemoration of the famous jury nullification case of William Penn in 1670, which not only firmly established the right of jurors to vote Not Guilty for any reason without punishment, but also helped ground freedom of speech in English common law and in United States jurisprudence.

While the Denver DA’s office seems intent on creating countless fully informed jurors nationwide with the publicity surrounding the erroneous arrests of and charges against Mr. Iannicelli and Mr. Brandt, we would really like everyone to be able to exercise their First Amendment rights to teach others about jury nullification without fear of being abused by police and prosecutors under color of law.

photo credit: Janet Matzen